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Types of Investments


Investing in shares is the opportunity to have part ownership in one or more companies. Shares provide dividends, voting rights and they can be traded. Understanding how and when to trade these shares can be time consuming. With our help you can successfully hold a portfolio of shares.


Bonds offer a range of options. You can choose from: cash, fixed interest, shares, property, infrastructure, and a selection of diversified funds. Often bonds allow investment into ethical funds. Bonds are flexible allowing you to access funds and switch investments options at any time. We help find the right bond for you.


Your super is your money, and we help you manage it. Our busy lives often get in the way of reviewing how our investments and super are performing. We are here to help you and ensure that you get the most out of your retirement savings.


Investing in property can be rewarding and we can help you. Our partners in property advice can assist you in exploring your options whether it be Residential, Commercial or Industrial real estate.

Managed Funds

Managed Funds allow a diversification across different asset classes. Rather than managing direct share investments in individual companies a managed fund pools investors’ money across these asset classes. We research the market and ensure the managed funds you are investing into are stable and have a solid history of market performance.

the trumpet process

We create your ideal financial journey

Understanding your lifestyle goals / values and current situation – The more your goals match your values then you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Review existing assets / liabilities / structures / Income and current investments and match them to your overall appetite for risk via the development of a comprehensive risk profile.

Strategy Development

Discuss possibilities and options that will assist in achieving your goals given the current investment products / options available in the market.

We take our client best interests’ duty very seriously, so our documentation of the recommended strategy together with compliance to best practice will leave no stone unturned. This will ensure you; our client has total transparency over the investment of your funds.

Our strong relationships with the most current and progressive investment houses will ensure your investments have a low-cost base that delivers the best value possible in the market. Dynamic technology through client portals and the latest software will enable you to view all your investments, properties, wills, and other important documents in the one safe environment.

Regular communication and formal reviews are part of our service. We agree on the level of service every 12 months to ensure it matches with your current needs. We then liaise with all the investment houses to implement and keep you updated of any changes in market trends.


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